On July 14, 1958 Mr. John Rousseau Portalis, along with a prestigious group of professionals, founded one of the first consulting firms in the country: our beloved Latinoconsult. The idea of this group of men was created in Argentina, a multidisciplinary consulting firm to direct his gaze to the broad field of activity that occurs in both the country and the rest of Latin America.

It was so, in our early years, together with the most prestigious engineering consultancies in the world, participated in the preparation of preliminary studies that were later the works most relevant to the times: Eg: Chocón Hydroelectric Complex - Cerros Colorados and Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge.

Over the years Latinoconsult or, colloquially called, Latinos, was incorporating the technology provided by companies from developed countries and, in turn, was transferring proprietary. That is, consistent with our foundational ideas, we have always understood that the transfer of technology among developing countries is an essentially enriching the societies in which we live. 

Faithful to these principles, we part from that beginning, a multitude of projects in both Latin America and Africa. They highlight our multidisciplinary vocation, which has enabled us to maintain an active presence in the most varied fields of activity. All of them have done work of great importance and complexity:

Hydroelectricity: Alicurá, Piedra del Águila, Michihuao, Condor Cliff and La Barrancosa.

Transportation: Chaco-Corrientes Bridge, Gral Paz Avenue , Subway lines A, B, D and E, Ezeiza Airport and Valle de Comayagua Highway in Honduras.

Sanitary Engineering: Tigre Water Treatment Plant, Subfluvial Emissary Berazategui, Drinking water systems in 12 cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire).

Energy: Power Lines in 500 kV Yacyretá-Salto Grande, Mendoza-San Juan, Recreo-La Rioja and various 500 kV transformer stations.

Irrigation: Río Negro valleys and Dulce in Argentina, and Oloman in Honduras.

Agriculture: Agricultural development in Valle del Guayape in Honduras, livestock development in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Health: maintenance of ten hospitals in Buenos Aires, remodeling Santojanni Hospital, Studies in hospitals in the provinces of La Rioja and San Juan

Environment: numerous studies in Ecuador, Honduras and Argentina. During this half century, we have gained an experience of nearly four hundred jobs, where we had the participation of a large number of professionals and highly trained technicians who have been unconditionally willing to contribute their knowledge, time and dedication to provide a service that fully meets the expectations of our customers.

The history of this firm is the story of the experiences of each of the people who were and are part of it, our customers, family, suppliers and all those who have helped turn the company Latinoconsult it is today, and who here offer our sincere thanks.


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