Water management





Health infrastructure


Urban Infrastructure

YEAR: 1996
COUNTRY: Argentina
PLACE: Province of Buenos Aires
CLIENT: Abril S.A.


Type of job:

Master Plan, study of alternatives, draft and bidding project.

 Brief description:

Drinking water: 4 drillings, two 100 m³ elevated tanks and a 32 km distribution network and service including residential connections to 1,400 plots of land with a project population of 6,000 inhabitants. Sewage system: a 39 km collector network. Effluents were treated by 2 extended aeration treatment plants for 4,000 inhabitants each. Electric Power: a 13.2 kV medium voltage ring network to serve 1,400 premises, supplying 9 13,2/0,400 kV-1000 kVA S.E.T. External lighting system and perimeter road lighting network; weak current network for telephone, cable television; internal safety system and audio system. General and detailed technical specifications. Computation and budgeting.

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