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YEAR: 2006 
COUNTRY: Uruguay
CLIENT: Jefatura de Gabinete de Ministros - Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable


Type of job:

Studies, analyzes, reports and evaluations linked to the environmental impact of the pulp mill in Fray Bentos.

Brief description:

Environmental impact assessment of possible negative effects of the pulp mills, quantifying them in particular and globally, highlighting the possible degree of reversibility and the level of sensitivity to natural conditions. Specific Objectives: • Quantifying and weighting of environmental impacts of water pollution, air pollution, or disturbance of social, economic and cultural economic • Quantification of the needs of mitigation, restoration, rehabilitation or compensation for environmental effects on the physical means, biological and social; • Developing an environmental management plan that includes the necessary components of monitoring, warning and contingency in case of no modification of the original projects and one or more events of pollution exceed the estimates of the companies that own ventures. The analysis and solutions are oriented to compatible schemes with ecological sustainability, economic, social and cultural development of the region.

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