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YEAR: 1986 - 1987; 1989 - 1991 
COUNTRY: Argentina
PLACE: Province of Río Negro
CLIENT: Agua y Energía Eléctrica S.E.


Type of job:

Multipurpose study for the Negro river. Stages I and II

Brief description:

  • Stage I: Identification of alternative uses of the Negro river (1000 m³/s), from the confluence of the rivers Limay and Neuquén down to the mouth in the Atlantic Ocean (650 km of length). Eleven closures were studied composed by a front embakments and lateral dams of about 20 km each, to prevent flood in irrigable areas. The dam heads vary between 12 and 25 m. - The installed hydroelectric power vary between 200 mw and 330 mw for the different sites, and the generated energy being about 15,000 GWh/year. An analysis of the electric market has been done. The work included: a) Available information collection and analysis. b) Population definition. c) water consuption study d) design flow calculation for water supply and sewers e) environmental studies. f) Edafologic studies in the future irrigated areas in the valley (400,000 ha) and in plateau areas (1,600,000 ha) g) Agroeconomic studies.
  • Stage II: Prefeasibility study of a 100,000 hs area. Water supply to towns and industries, Irrigation and drainage development and soil reclamation, Connections and land transportation, Hydroelectrical production, Navigation and fluvial transport, Control of floods, erosions and alluvials, Ecology and natural resources conservation, Tourism and recreation. The hydroelectrical works include closures in the Negro river Allen, Roca, Mainque and Villa Regina. In the Limay river, Senillosa and Plottier closures are included. The height varies between 12 and 20 m; an alternative of digged channel is included; power varies from 200 to 300 MW.


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