AYSA has entrusted to Latinoconsult the sewer’s network execution in the zone called Bellavista 1, in San Miguel and the sewer collector “Las Catonas”, which is part of the sewerage system that will take up the effluents in a wide area of Moreno Department and deliver it to the treatment plant “Las Catonas”, located to the side of the homonym stream and with final destination in the Reconquista river.

The collector will receive the effluents from the zones denominated Santa María 1 and 2 adjudicated to another consultant company.

The area called Bellavista 1 covers about 2.33 km2 and has a population, according to the 2010 Census, of 12,881 inhabitants. The project foresees a population of 18,447 inhabitants for its horizon in the year 2047.

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