A global approach has rewarded us with the satisfaction of having worked in 28 countries around the world.

We have developed more than a hundred projects mainly in America and Africa.

More than 100 international projects executed

Latinoconsult has a long history of work carried out abroad. From his early years, in addition to intervening in important infrastructure projects in our country, he decided to enter the consulting market in Latin America.
Exporting engineering from Argentina, at that time, was a pioneering idea. Our country had a large number of professionals with a very good academic level; Furthermore, it had the comparative advantage of being able to expand its radius of action by incorporating into its traditional activities everything related to agricultural development, a sector internationally recognized for the quality of its production and which gave Latinoconsult’s actions a country brand.
With the task to be undertaken made easier, due to the eagerness of our professionals to get to know Latin American countries, it was not difficult to assemble teams with capacity and experience to undertake the projects financed by the countries themselves, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. On the other hand, given the identity that a shared language confers, our proposals were perfectly understandable and preferable for all our clients, compared to American and European firms. Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, to name just a few countries, showed their interest in our services, which provided valuable knowledge for its development.
Later, and always with the idea of expanding our horizons, we decided to explore the African market. We started in Morocco, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, countries that hired us with their own funds. A short time later, we arrived in Zaire (today, the Democratic Republic of the Congo) thanks to an international competition financed by the World Bank for the development of livestock, to which, later, works financed by the African Development Bank were added. It became necessary to find professionals who speak French and English, deepen their language skills, so that language does not constitute a barrier to our possibilities.
The success of our missions led us to remain for a period of almost 20 years in this great program, which was financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and by the African Development Bank.
The results obtained in those years allowed us to develop the habit of competing internationally, which we have continued to do without interruption, currently maintaining an important consulting activity abroad.