Latinoconsult has an extensive track record providing high quality engineering consulting services in multiple areas of activity. From the preparation of preliminary studies, the conceptual design, the executive project and detailed engineering, to the management and direction of large-scale works are part of its services.

An experienced staff of professionals from multiple disciplines allows you to tackle complex problems and find creative, effective solutions aimed at generating cost savings in projects.

Feasibility and preliminary studies

Carrying out this type of work is one of the usual services of Latinoconsult. These studies allow our clients to make critical decisions regarding the implementation of their projects. The diagnosis and quality analysis of the economic-financial, technical, environmental and social dimensions of a project, allows to lay solid foundations that guarantee its success. Latinoconsult has a solid and extensive experience in:

  • Pre-feasibility studies – Feasibility studies
  • Alternatives studies
  • Location studies
  • Modeling studies
Master plans

The design of master plans is another of Latinoconsult’s specialties. Master plans are flexible, coherent, and comprehensive guides, developed to provide management guidance and direction for complex and long-range projects. Possible alternatives, their development phases and corresponding investment programs are proposed in a conceptual way. An adequate master plan allows clients to have a strategic vision for management and decision-making.

Engineering designs

Latinoconsult has extensive experience in developing engineering designs in all areas of activity in which it operates: transportation, sanitation, energy, hydraulics, among others.

Our projects allow to reduce the risks in the execution of the construction, thanks to the experience and solidity of our professionals. Delivering effective design solutions, on time and according to agreed budgets is one of the most outstanding attributes of our firm. Latinoconsult has an extensive trajectory in the elaboration of:

  • Basic and conceptual design
  • Preliminary draft
  • Executive Project
  • Detail engineering
Environmental studies

Latinoconsult carries out environmental studies of a very diverse nature, from impact studies (EIA) to the preparation, control and monitoring of compliance with plans by contractors (PGA).

Our specialists work with clients to ensure sustainability, in all stages of a project, as well as, trying to reduce the carbon footprint in their life cycle.

Management, supervision and direction of works and services

Latinoconsult has developed a large number of jobs providing this type of service. The firm has professionals with extensive experience in the management, supervision and direction of works and services.
Success in the implementation of highly complex projects can only occur when deep knowledge of the specialties involved is accompanied by teamwork, a consolidated framework of stipulated procedures, the use of innovative technical tools and the use of systems of reliable information. This conviction allows Latinoconsult professionals to guarantee the quality, time and cost objectives committed to their clients.

Institutional strengthening

Latinoconsult has highly recognized professionals in each of its activity areas and specialties, with proven academic and management experience. He has carried out a multiplicity of training programs, which have allowed many of his clients to achieve a significant improvement in their results and in the management of their operations.

Purchase tracking

Latinoconsult has provided this service in specific works on the subject, as well as in contracts in which it represents a relevant component. Purchasing monitoring aims to ensure that materials and equipment are acquired in accordance with the provisions of the specifications, standards, codes or approved provisions and are delivered in conditions, in compliance with the manufacturing deadlines.