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Supervision of works on the SP-226 highway, São Paulo, Brazil

Latinoconsult is executing the project review and supervision of the works of the SP-226 highway, in São Paulo, for the Rodagem do Estado de São Paulo Highway Department (DER / SP).

This contract is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The SP-226 highway is a highway, with one lane for each hand, located in Vale do Ribeira, State of São Paulo.

This highway begins at the junction with the important federal highway BR-116 (km 0.00), passes through the center of the municipality of Pariquera-Açu (km 9.62) and ends at the municipality of Cananéia (km 45.46).

The technical supervision services of the road works will be carried out precisely between km 9.62 and km 45.46, totaling 35.84 km in length.

The work will consist of two broad sectors that can be divided into:

  • Km 9.62 to 36.00
    • In this initial section of SP-226 there will be no geometric intervention, only the recovery of the existing pavement will be carried out.
  • Km 36.00 until the end of the work
    • Geometric interventions will be carried out, implementation of a new drainage system, earthworks, paving, signaling and security elements, and a bicycle lane will be implemented in a sector of the left bank.

The supervision will last 23 months.

The main objective of the supervision will be to guarantee the quality of execution of the works, observing the faithful compliance of executive projects, the DER / SP standards and the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), as well as current legislation and compliance with other contractual conditions, related to the fulfillment of the physical and economic schedules of the works.

It will also be an obligation of supervision, to provide the necessary support to the DER / SP, with a view to reducing possible environmental impacts and to assist technically in the care of occupational hygiene and safety during the execution of the works.

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