Contract – Modernization of the Acaray Hydroelectric Complex – Iguazú, Paraguay

The consortium made up of Afry and Latinoconsult signed this important international contract with the Electricity Administration of Paraguay – Ande.

The project is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank.

The Acaray – Iguazú complex has an installed capacity of 230 MW and is located in the town of Hernandarias, Department of Alto Paraná, Paraguay. It is the first hydroelectric complex to be built in Paraguay. It is one of the 3 existing in that country, together with Itaipu and Yacyretá and has the particularity of being the only one that is located entirely within its territory.

The scope of the services consists of carrying out diagnostic studies, formulation and selection of alternatives, preparation of the executive project, assistance to the construction tender and supervision of the works.

Its term of duration is 60 months.

Award – technical and environmental supervision for the improvement of carrera 51 b – colombia

Latinoconsult has been awarded the technical and environmental supervision of the expansion and improvement works of the Carrera 51 B road corridor.

This corridor connects Av. Circunvalar de Barranquilla and the Municipality of Puerto Colombia. Section 1 – UF 2. Department of Atlántico, Republic of Colombia.

In addition to inter-municipal transportation lines, the Mass Transportation System of the city of Barranquilla “Transmetro” circulates on this road, as well as multiple school routes and private vehicles associated with nearby colleges and universities.

The section of the project to be supervised is approximately 2.4 km long.

The new corridor will have a 3 + 3 configuration road, with a pedestrian path, bike path, landscaping and pedestrian bridges.

The contract has a term of 18 months.

Award – Studies and Design of the Master Plan for drinking water in the urban area of ​​Cachipay, Cundinamarca, Colombia

The contract includes the following components:

Collection of information
Diagnosis of the infrastructure of aqueducts and purification plant
Study of pre-feasibility
Topography and geotechnical studies
Hydraulic, civil, architecture, urban planning, electromechanical designs, etc.
Socio-environmental studies
Comprehensive project planning
Diagnosis of the utility company.

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Award – Pump station of the General Belgrano Water Treatment Plant

This work will make it possible to increase the production of the water treatment plant by 350,000 m³/day, in order to collaborate in the supply of districts in the southwest of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

The contract includes the project review and construction supervision of:

  • Pumping station composed of 3 pumps of 6.4 m3/s each
  • Underground industrial warehouse on which the equipment will be installed
  • Rooms with electrical, electromechanical and automation equipment
  • Bypass chamber and duct link camera (Internal diameter: 4.6 m)
  • Suction chamber
  • Splitting chamber
  • Entrance chamber to splitter chamber

Award – Inspection of the expansion and optimization of the “Planta Depuradora Sur” in the city of Salta

Latinoconsult has been awarded the technical and environmental inspection for the optimization and expansion of the southern sewage treatment plant in the city of Salta.

The expansion of treatment will be carried out through a new module a new conventional type treatment module with Percolating Beds.

The expansion and optimization of this plant will allow it to reach a total capacity of 120,000 m3/day, being able to serve a population of up to 800,000 inhabitants.

The inspection includes the verification of the construction work plan, the review and approval of the detailed engineering and the technical, environmental and social inspection of the works.

The contract term will be 43 months.

Award – Clorinda Treatment Plant, Formosa

UNOPS has awarded Latinoconsult the preparation of the executive project for the sewage treatment plant in the city of Clorinda, Province of Formosa, Argentine Republic.

This city has 60,000 inhabitants and is the second largest in the province of Formosa. It is located on the right bank of the Pilcomayo River, approximately 10 km from the mouth of the Paraguay River.

The contract includes the realization of sanitary, hydraulic, architectural, structural and automatic projects and control of the sewage plant.

The study will also include the economic and financial evaluation and the corresponding environmental and social impact study.

The project will be developed using BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology.

The project is developed from the initiative of Enohsa and the supervision of Preinvestment.

The contract term will be 6 months.

Award – Inspection of works of the integral system of sewage drainage of the city of Añatuya, Santiago del Estero

Latinoconsult was awarded to carry out the project review contract and technical and environmental inspection of the works of the comprehensive sewerage system of the city of Añatuya, Province of Santiago del Estero. 

The system will comprise:

  • 1 treatment plant with a design flow of 9,570 m³/day, through stabilization ponds
  • 1 lift station
  • 2 km discharge of HDPE, DN 500 mm
  • 143 km of collection networks
  • reuse method of treated effluents for irrigation

The city of Añatuya is the head of the General Taboada Department and is the fourth most populous in the Province of Santiago del Estero. Its current population is more than 25,000 inhabitants.

Award – Supervision of Section 2 of the Magdalena Medio Road, Colombia

Tramo de ruta Magdalena Medio

Latinoconsult was awarded the contract to carry out the contract for the maintenance of section 2 of the Magdalena Medio highway.

Its layout links the towns of Puerto Araujo and Lizama, located in the Department of Santander, and San Alberto, in the Department of César.

The section is 179 km long and includes sectors 11 and 13 of National Route 45, which runs parallel to the Magdalena River.

The scope of the contract includes the supervision of preventive maintenance tasks, including pavements, translatability, road safety, cleaning, clearing, logging, and forestry use.

The Magdalena Highway project is one of the strategic works that were identified by the Intermodal Transport Master Plan. The main goals of this plan are: to boost foreign trade by reducing transportation costs and times; promote regional trade, improving the quality of subnational transport infrastructure or accessibility; and promote the integration of the territory, bringing citizens and regions closer to its social offer, markets, and service centers.

The Bogotá-Caribbean highway, within which this corridor is located, occupies the fourth place of importance in the logistics corridors of the country defined by the Intermodal Transportation Master Plan.

Award – Anapoima Water and Sewerage Master Plan and Designs, Colombia

Latinoconsult has been awarded to prepare the update, studies and designs of the Master Plan for drinking water, sanitary and storm sewerage for the municipality of Anapoima, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

This municipality has 124 km2 and is located about 87 km from Bogotá. It was founded in 1627 and is currently a favorite destination in this region for recreation, rest and tourism.

The contract will have a duration of 10 months and includes the following main activities:

  • Elaboration of diagnosis, field studies and formulation of project alternatives
  • Detailed engineering for the optimization of a water treatment plant, distribution networks and collectors.
  • Legal and environmental feasibility documents, easements and transport road crossings before competent entities.

The studies will be carried out using modeling systems with specialized software such as EPA-NET, Watercad and EPA-SWMM, CityDrain, Mike Urban and/or SewerCAD.