Award – Clorinda Treatment Plant, Formosa

UNOPS has awarded Latinoconsult the preparation of the executive project for the sewage treatment plant in the city of Clorinda, Province of Formosa, Argentine Republic.

This city has 60,000 inhabitants and is the second largest in the province of Formosa. It is located on the right bank of the Pilcomayo River, approximately 10 km from the mouth of the Paraguay River.

The contract includes the realization of sanitary, hydraulic, architectural, structural and automatic projects and control of the sewage plant.

The study will also include the economic and financial evaluation and the corresponding environmental and social impact study.

The project will be developed using BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology.

The project is developed from the initiative of Enohsa and the supervision of Preinvestment.

The contract term will be 6 months.

Award – Inspection of works of the integral system of sewage drainage of the city of Añatuya, Santiago del Estero

Latinoconsult was awarded to carry out the project review contract and technical and environmental inspection of the works of the comprehensive sewerage system of the city of Añatuya, Province of Santiago del Estero. 

The system will comprise:

  • 1 treatment plant with a design flow of 9,570 m³/day, through stabilization ponds
  • 1 lift station
  • 2 km discharge of HDPE, DN 500 mm
  • 143 km of collection networks
  • reuse method of treated effluents for irrigation

The city of Añatuya is the head of the General Taboada Department and is the fourth most populous in the Province of Santiago del Estero. Its current population is more than 25,000 inhabitants.

Award – Supervision of Section 2 of the Magdalena Medio Road, Colombia

Tramo de ruta Magdalena Medio

Latinoconsult was awarded the contract to carry out the contract for the maintenance of section 2 of the Magdalena Medio highway.

Its layout links the towns of Puerto Araujo and Lizama, located in the Department of Santander, and San Alberto, in the Department of César.

The section is 179 km long and includes sectors 11 and 13 of National Route 45, which runs parallel to the Magdalena River.

The scope of the contract includes the supervision of preventive maintenance tasks, including pavements, translatability, road safety, cleaning, clearing, logging, and forestry use.

The Magdalena Highway project is one of the strategic works that were identified by the Intermodal Transport Master Plan. The main goals of this plan are: to boost foreign trade by reducing transportation costs and times; promote regional trade, improving the quality of subnational transport infrastructure or accessibility; and promote the integration of the territory, bringing citizens and regions closer to its social offer, markets, and service centers.

The Bogotá-Caribbean highway, within which this corridor is located, occupies the fourth place of importance in the logistics corridors of the country defined by the Intermodal Transportation Master Plan.

Award – Anapoima Water and Sewerage Master Plan and Designs, Colombia

Latinoconsult has been awarded to prepare the update, studies and designs of the Master Plan for drinking water, sanitary and storm sewerage for the municipality of Anapoima, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

This municipality has 124 km2 and is located about 87 km from Bogotá. It was founded in 1627 and is currently a favorite destination in this region for recreation, rest and tourism.

The contract will have a duration of 10 months and includes the following main activities:

  • Elaboration of diagnosis, field studies and formulation of project alternatives
  • Detailed engineering for the optimization of a water treatment plant, distribution networks and collectors.
  • Legal and environmental feasibility documents, easements and transport road crossings before competent entities.

The studies will be carried out using modeling systems with specialized software such as EPA-NET, Watercad and EPA-SWMM, CityDrain, Mike Urban and/or SewerCAD.

Engineers doing BIM

Since its inception, Latinoconsult has innovated to be able to satisfy the clients in a timely manner, and every day seeks new ways to advance in the development of assigned projects.

In terms of engineering and working method, the world trend is to lean towards collaborative ways of working, to integrative models that facilitate and reduce the time of modeling and design.

BIM is that way of working. It stands for “Building Information Modeling”, it is a management method that allows collaborative tasks in real time, integrating all the actors involved in the project from client, project manager, specialist, engineers, architects, technicians and more.

The BIM centralizes all the information during the complete life cycle of the project in the same model and it is accessed from the different applications. Latinoconsult has been working with Autodesk from the beginning of the digitization of projects, and it is natural that the transition to BIM is made with its Infrastructure Design Suite tool, which incorporates softwares such as Revit, Autocad, Civil, Naviswork and others.

BIM represents the evolution of traditional plan-based design systems, since it incorporates spatial geometry (3D), time (4D), cost (5D), environmental (6D) and maintenance (7D) information.

Advantages of development in BIM:

  • Improves data management and complex project information.
  • Facilitates communication between the parties, optimizing workflows.
  • Allows anticipating and solving construction problems in advance.
  • Optimizes costs and work times.
  • It allows simulating security measures and improves risk prevention.
  • Facilitates the use of prefabricated construction materials.
  • Allows the development of more efficient and sustainable works.

In a few words, BIM is the new present of work, and at Latinoconsult we are preparing ourselves to provide the best service, as always, with the highest quality standards.

Awarding – Costa Urbana Engineering Project

Render Costa Urbana

Costa Urbana is an undertaking to be developed in an area of 71.6 hectares located southeast of the current Puerto Madero.

It is an open neighborhood that will be integrated into the City of Buenos Aires.

Approximately 2/3 of the area will be ceded by the developer IRSA to the City and where a new public park will be created.

In the remaining area, more than 895,000 m2 will be built for various uses: homes, offices, shops, services, public spaces, education, entertainment, among others.

Latinoconsult will carry out the infrastructure engineering project for this new neighborhood in the City.

The works will include the stages of pre-feasibility, preliminary design, bidding project and technical assistance for the bidding of works.

Engineering designs for transportation, rainwater, drinking water, sewage, gas, electricity, lighting and low networks will be carried out.

Inspection of rural roads in Antioquia, Colombia

Latinoconsult has been awarded to carry out the technical, administrative, financial and environmental inspection project for the maintenance and improvement of tertiary roads of the “Colombia Rural” program in the municipalities of the department of Antioquia, Group 9.

The works will consist of the supervision, control and follow-up of the main works aimed at the improvement and maintenance of the productive road corridors of the Municipalities of Cañasgordas, Buritica, El Peñol, El Santuario, La Ceja, Anori and Barbosa of the Department of Antioquia.

The Colombia Rural Program prioritizes road corridors that aim to increase rural productivity, and is developed by INVÍAS (National Institute of Roads), an agency of the Executive Branch of the Government of Colombia in charge of assigning, regulating and supervising contracts for the construction of highways and roads and the maintenance of the roads

The project includes review and monitoring of compliance with the environmental management plan.

Supervision for the maintenance of the arterial trunk road network in Bogotá

Latinoconsult was awarded to carry out the supervision of the execution of the works and activities necessary for the maintenance of the arterial trunk road network, in the city of Bogotá D.C., Group 3.

The work is financed by own resources of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá. 

The audit includes carrying out comprehensive control and monitoring, including technical, administrative, legal, legal, financial, accounting, social, environmental aspects, and the implementation of biosafety and occupational health and safety measures, for group 3 of the tender awarded.

The audit has an estimated duration of 3 years.

Group 3 corresponds to the following trunks and branches:

  • Trunk Calle 6: from Trunk NQS to Trunk Carrera 10
  • Américas Trunk: from the intersection of KR 50 x Av. Américas x Av. Comuneros and Av. Colón to Portal Américas
  • Troncal Calle 13: AC 13 from Troncal Caracas to intersection of KR 50 x Av. Américas x Av. Comuneros and Av. Colón
  • Caracas trunk: from the Monument to the Heroes to the Usme portal
  • Carrera 10 trunk: from CL 32 x Av. Alberto Lleras Camargo to Portal 20 de Julio
  • El Tunal branch: from Av. Caracas to Portal del Tunal.

The improvement of 6 km of pavement in “programmed conservation” and 38 km of pavement in “conservation by reaction” is planned.

It should be noted that Latinoconsult has already carried out auditing work in the City of Bogotá, specifically, in the NQS Trunk, the San Victorino station and the 26th street of Transmilenio.

Supervision of works on the SP-226 highway, São Paulo, Brazil

Latinoconsult is executing the project review and supervision of the works of the SP-226 highway, in São Paulo, for the Rodagem do Estado de São Paulo Highway Department (DER / SP).

This contract is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The SP-226 highway is a highway, with one lane for each hand, located in Vale do Ribeira, State of São Paulo.

This highway begins at the junction with the important federal highway BR-116 (km 0.00), passes through the center of the municipality of Pariquera-Açu (km 9.62) and ends at the municipality of Cananéia (km 45.46).

The technical supervision services of the road works will be carried out precisely between km 9.62 and km 45.46, totaling 35.84 km in length.

The work will consist of two broad sectors that can be divided into:

  • Km 9.62 to 36.00
    • In this initial section of SP-226 there will be no geometric intervention, only the recovery of the existing pavement will be carried out.
  • Km 36.00 until the end of the work
    • Geometric interventions will be carried out, implementation of a new drainage system, earthworks, paving, signaling and security elements, and a bicycle lane will be implemented in a sector of the left bank.

The supervision will last 23 months.

The main objective of the supervision will be to guarantee the quality of execution of the works, observing the faithful compliance of executive projects, the DER / SP standards and the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), as well as current legislation and compliance with other contractual conditions, related to the fulfillment of the physical and economic schedules of the works.

It will also be an obligation of supervision, to provide the necessary support to the DER / SP, with a view to reducing possible environmental impacts and to assist technically in the care of occupational hygiene and safety during the execution of the works.

Award of supervision of High Voltage Works in Honduras

This important contract is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Latinoconsult performs the project review and supervision of the following works:

  • Expansion of the San Buenaventura substation by 230 Kv
  • Expansion of the San Pedro Sula Sur 230/138 Kv 150 MVA substation,
  • Transmission line San Buenaventura-San Pedro Sula Sur in 230 Kv

Further details of these works are provided below:

1. Expansions of the Buenaventura Substation in 230 kV and of the San Pedro Sula Sur Substation 230/138 kV 150 MVA, which include:

a) Civil works: study of soils, internal and perimeter streets, rainwater drainage system, construction of control room, cable gutters and foundations of minor equipment.

b) Electromechanical works: supply and installation of two power switches, various internal connections, thermowell-type landing systems in the main mesh, communications equipment and service panels.

2. Construction of a High Voltage Line (HAT) between San Pedro Sula Sur and Buenaventura in 230 kV, 44 km long double circuit, which is subdivided into: 31 km of double triplet, lattice type; 5 km of double triple, with concrete posts; 4 km of simple shortlist with lattice towers and 4 km of simple shortlist with cement posts.

Of all the works described, a comprehensive review of all the detailed engineering will be carried out, a task that will be carried out mainly in the City of Buenos Aires.

Tasks include reviewing the contractor’s environmental and health and safety management plans and monitoring their correct implementation.