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Award – Supervision of Section 2 of the Magdalena Medio Road, Colombia

Latinoconsult was awarded the contract to carry out the contract for the maintenance of section 2 of the Magdalena Medio highway.

Its layout links the towns of Puerto Araujo and Lizama, located in the Department of Santander, and San Alberto, in the Department of César.

The section is 179 km long and includes sectors 11 and 13 of National Route 45, which runs parallel to the Magdalena River.

The scope of the contract includes the supervision of preventive maintenance tasks, including pavements, translatability, road safety, cleaning, clearing, logging, and forestry use.

The Magdalena Highway project is one of the strategic works that were identified by the Intermodal Transport Master Plan. The main goals of this plan are: to boost foreign trade by reducing transportation costs and times; promote regional trade, improving the quality of subnational transport infrastructure or accessibility; and promote the integration of the territory, bringing citizens and regions closer to its social offer, markets, and service centers.

The Bogotá-Caribbean highway, within which this corridor is located, occupies the fourth place of importance in the logistics corridors of the country defined by the Intermodal Transportation Master Plan.

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