• Client

    Entidad Binacional Yacyretá

  • Country


  • Location

    Pcia. de Misiones

  • Area

    Urban Development - Hydraulic

  • Year


Type of Work: Project review, development of executive projects and technical direction of works  

The left bank works include road works and related coastal treatment river works, distinguishing the following sectors: • Coastal treatment-southern transport strip; • Multitrocha Garita-Arroyo Garupá; • Southern access and Garita road node • Arco-Garita bypass km 10; • Coastal treatment-northern transport strip; • Bridge over Garupá stream on National Route No. 12 and relocation of National Route No. 12 at the accesses to the bridge. The characteristics of the Garupá stream bridge are as follows: a total length of 840 m and it is made up of 30 spans of 28 m each. It has two 7.30 m wide carriageways, with central New Jersey and two 1.20 m wide pedestrian lanes, located on both sides of the bridge, with a 12 m clearance to allow for sport navigation. Uniting the Garupá station and the International Bridge, the laying of railway lines with a total length of 10,400 m and the works of the station itself were executed. For the raising of the Yacyretá reservoir (up to level +84.50), the following works are planned: preliminary works, clearing, cleaning and demolition; coastal defense and landfills up to level 84.50, infrastructure networks (sewers, water, rainwater and energy); recomposition of the urban fabric, which includes pavements, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, public lighting, landscaping, embankments, paved roads, highway bridges, sports fields, pedestrian bridge, road signs, road lighting. The work included preparation of an environmental impact study, review of the Contractor’s socio-environmental management plan and monitoring of its implementation.