Founded in 1958, Latinoconsult is recognized as one of the leading consulting firms in Latin America in the field of engineering. Given the knowledge, experience and creativity of our team of professionals, we are pleased to be considered one of the most efficient companies in the market, due to our ability to fulfill orders within the agreed times and budget.

Since its inception, Latinoconsult has oriented its internal processes to achieve the highest quality results. Our conviction is that the growth and solidity of the firm are closely linked to fully satisfying the needs of our Clients. The leadership in the quality of our services led our firm to be the first Argentine engineering consultancy to homologate its processes under the international quality standards of ISO-9001, later also certifying the environmental standards ISO-14001 and Safety and Security. ISO-45001 Occupational Health.

One of the key points in the success of this company is the wide range of specialties covered throughout this half century. Latinoconsult is a company that has valuable experience in the most diverse fields of engineering, nationally and internationally. Transport, infrastructure, energy, sanitation, environment, management and inspection of works and services, industry and agriculture are some of the main areas of activity of the firm. This breadth in the range of services gives Latinoconsult the possibility of focusing and solving complex problems, and has allowed it not only to attract new national and international clients, but also to gain their loyalty, making them continue to choose it today. Throughout these years, choosing Latinoconsult has become a synonym of quality, sincere communication and faithful fulfillment of contracts; values ​​that make us feel proud and guide us to continue building a better and better future.

Our history

On July 14, 1958, Ing. Juan Rousseau Portalis, together with a group of prestigious professionals, founded one of the first consulting firms in the country: our beloved Latinoconsult. The idea of ​​this group of men was to create, in Argentina, a multidisciplinary consulting company that would direct its gaze to the wide field of activity that was presented both in the country and in the rest of Latin America.

It was thus that, already in our early years, together with the most prestigious engineering consulting firms in the world, we participated in the preparation of preliminary studies of what would later be the most relevant works for the time: for example, the Hydroelectric Complex Chocón – Cerros Colorados and the Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge.

Over the years Latinoconsult, or, as we colloquially call it, Latinos, was incorporating the technology provided by companies from developed countries and, in turn, was transferring its own technology to other nations with a lower degree of relative development. In other words, consistent with our founding ideas, we have always understood that the transfer of technology between developing nations is an essentially enriching attitude for the societies in which we live.

Faithful to these principles, we have participated, since that distant beginning, in a multiplicity of projects both in Latin America and on the African continent. In them, our multidisciplinary vocation is remarkable, which has allowed us to maintain an active presence in the most varied areas of activity. In all of them we have carried out work of great importance and complexity.

During this half century, we have acquired an experience of almost four hundred jobs, in which we have had the participation of a large number of professionals and technicians, with excellent training, who have been unconditionally willing to contribute their knowledge, time and dedication. to provide a service that fully meets the expectations of our customers.

The history of this firm is the history of the experiences of each of the people who formed and are part of it, our clients, relatives, suppliers and all those who have collaborated so that Latinoconsult is the company it is today and who, from here, we offer our sincere thanks.


We live in a world that is increasingly complex, fast and greatly influenced by new technologies. Societies have increasing demands on infrastructure to support the needs of modern life.

New problems require new multidisciplinary approaches. At Latinoconsult, we understand that the varied points of view and perspectives of professionals from the most diverse areas and specialties bring added value to our work.

In our company we employ civil engineers, agronomists, architects, urban planners, geologists, economists, surveyors, specialists in the environment, topography, structures, software technicians, among other professionals who belong to our stable staff or are collaborators in each of our projects.

We encourage the opening of criteria before the problems to be solved, the open debate that leads to finding the best solutions, which, in addition, are sustainable and affect our environment as little as possible.

The priority of our work team is to understand the challenges of our Clients, and from there, with the use of innovative management techniques, knowledge of materials and the latest generation technologies, provide them with the best solutions.


To be a company oriented towards our Clients at all levels of the organization, providing high quality engineering solutions and complying with all our commitments in the agreed conditions and times.



To become the most prestigious and reliable engineering consultancy in Latin America, designing solutions with the highest added value that exceed the expectations of our Clients.



Customer orientation
Commitment to our Clients
Environmental care

For the execution of the projects, the firm has a permanent professional staff, made up of experts from the most diverse specialties, among which the following stand out: Hydraulics, Sanitary, Transportation, Structures, Energy, Industry, Agronomy, Environment, Management and Inspection of Works and Services, Monitoring of Purchases and Health Infrastructure.

In addition to permanent staff, Latinoconsult has agreements with consultants and specialized firms, to whom it turns if necessary, in order to cover with the highest degree of efficiency the jobs that, due to their high complexity, require treatment through multidisciplinary approaches. .