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Derivation weir on the Salado River, collection work, link channel, link to the De Dios stream and complementary works

Inspection services – Work progress

The work, in charge of the Ministry of Water and Environment of the province of Santiago del Estero, proposes the execution of a weir about three kilometers from the border with the province of Salta, in the area called Cruz Bajada, which allows to derive a Link conduction on the left bank of the river that links and supplies the water system of the de Dios stream and the future canal to Figueroa.

In this month the Inspection carried out the control of topographic surveys of improved soils of Route N ° 2, quality control of the base of the foundation and subgrade, measurement of the execution of the work progress, quality control of cement soil and topographic measurement in embankment closure of the left bank, control of deforestation, cleaning and topography of the connecting channel, intake and sand trap, in addition to the control of security measures and use of PPE by the personnel assigned to the work tasks.

The control of installations in the workroom of housing blocks and internal installations was carried out, together with the execution of masonry works and concreting of columns for the inspection workshop and the working conditions in the sector.

The entry of equipment to work was verified and the quantities of work carried out in the month were measured.

The personnel affected for the work inspection are: Eng. Carlos H. Camaño (Inspection Chief), Eng. César Albarenga (Site Conductor), Eng. Surveyor Gonzalo Gerez (Topography) and Eng. Jorge Ragno (Environmental Specialist) ).

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