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Awarding – Cristo Redentor border crossing inspection

The contract was signed with the Ministry of the Interior to carry out the inspection service for the work: ¨Project Renovation, Expansion and Modernization of the Cristo Redentor-Los Horcones System Border Center “, located in the Department of Las Heras in the province of Mendoza . The offer was presented jointly with Serra Arquitectos, which was awarded by the Client for meeting the highest score in both the technical item and price.

The term of the execution of the work and of our contract is 35 months that includes 23 months of effective work plus 12 months of winter closure due to the location and the difficulty of working during the summer months. It also has a guarantee period of 12 additional months. The funds for the development of the work are provided by the FONPLATA Development Bank.

The border crossing in question is located in the town of Los Horcones, on National Route 7, Province of Mendoza, near the border with Chile.

The participation of inspection personnel and specialists is foreseen, with a total of 8 people with part-time action for the specialists and full-time for the Inspection personnel.

The project consists of a comprehensive remodeling of the existing border post that plans to carry out an important infrastructure work that includes reinforced concrete pavements for 8,400 m2 and a soil movement of 10,000 m3.

The following constructions and renovations will be carried out:

  • Omnibus Control Building (B1): 1200 m2 of covered surface in reinforced concrete and a metallic structure of 2,000 m2 and 400 m2 of pavement, also in reinforced concrete. It will have all the sanitary, electrical, thermomechanical, gas installations, as well as architectural finishes typical of the area.
  • Migration Building (B2): with a metallic structure of 1,200 m2 and 100 m3 of reinforced concrete.
  • Internal Control Cabins (B3): 2 units of 70 m2. 4. Existing Main Building (E4): adding value to it, with a comprehensive refurbishment of the entire building, including the facilities. It has a covered area of ​​120 m2.

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