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Water for the localities of Wichí, El Sauzal, Misión Nueva Pompeya and Fuerte Esperanza

Latinoconsult completed the project review and inspection of the potable water supply works to the towns of Wichí, El Sauzal, Misión Nueva Pompeya and Fuerte Esperanza, in the province of Chaco, Argentina.

The population to be supplied at the end of the design period is> 60,000 inhabitants, considering urban and dispersed, indigenous and Creole populations. The projects were developed with a 30-year service horizon.

The development of the project included: catchment of the resource, pipelines of raw and treated water, treatment plants, pumping, storage and distribution facilities for the indigenous and Creole population scattered around them.

The catchment work was carried out on the Bermejo river by means of a floating pontoon and fixed walkway with a storage of 1,450 m³ and a pumping station on the pontoon with two 700 m³ / h pumps. A pre-sedimentation plant was included in this location.

Treatment plants were built in the towns of Misión Nueva Pompeya and Wichí, with capacities of 600 m3 / hour and 60 m3 / hour, respectively.

The total length of pipes and aqueducts is 140,402 m adding the connections in the intake, pipes and local distribution network.

It should be noted that the hydroelectromechanical work, as a whole, has a total of approximately 13,500 m³ of concrete.

The work was done in partnership.
Photograph courtesy of Sameep

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