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Water and sanitation master plan for the metropolitan area of Puerto Iguazú

Consultation with the Aboriginal Communities Mbya Guaraní

We are designing the new works to be built to provide drinking water to the City of Puerto Iguazú and the 600 hectares where the aboriginal communities Yryapu, Ita Poty Mirï, Jasy Porá and Tupamba’e reside. The works will include:

  • A new water intake and treatment work of better quality, which will be supplied from the Paraná River.
  • Give water to all existing networks.
  • New networks for the entire city.
  • Install pipes and tanks to give water to the indigenous communities of the 600 ha.

As it is the best option from a technical and environmental point of view, it has been planned that the tanks are placed so that they are not more than 200 meters from all the houses in the nearby area.

Community centers (schools, health centers, etc.) can be connected, where possible, directly to the water network.

It is proposed to install pipes in the internal streets and tanks with 4 taps in all the communities of the 600-hectare area.

In a meeting that took place in mid-September, the four Mbya Guaraní indigenous communities, settled in the 600-hectare area in the city of Puerto Iguazú, were informed about the best possibilities of having potable water, as well as to consult their opinions on the works and possible actions in order to strengthen the communities in relation to drinking water works through an Indigenous Peoples Plan (PPI) to be executed jointly with the works by the construction company.

The meeting concluded with the signing of a Minute indicating the suggestions received from the communities.

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