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Award of supervision of High Voltage Works in Honduras

This important contract is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Latinoconsult performs the project review and supervision of the following works:

  • Expansion of the San Buenaventura substation by 230 Kv
  • Expansion of the San Pedro Sula Sur 230/138 Kv 150 MVA substation,
  • Transmission line San Buenaventura-San Pedro Sula Sur in 230 Kv

Further details of these works are provided below:

1. Expansions of the Buenaventura Substation in 230 kV and of the San Pedro Sula Sur Substation 230/138 kV 150 MVA, which include:

a) Civil works: study of soils, internal and perimeter streets, rainwater drainage system, construction of control room, cable gutters and foundations of minor equipment.

b) Electromechanical works: supply and installation of two power switches, various internal connections, thermowell-type landing systems in the main mesh, communications equipment and service panels.

2. Construction of a High Voltage Line (HAT) between San Pedro Sula Sur and Buenaventura in 230 kV, 44 km long double circuit, which is subdivided into: 31 km of double triplet, lattice type; 5 km of double triple, with concrete posts; 4 km of simple shortlist with lattice towers and 4 km of simple shortlist with cement posts.

Of all the works described, a comprehensive review of all the detailed engineering will be carried out, a task that will be carried out mainly in the City of Buenos Aires.

Tasks include reviewing the contractor’s environmental and health and safety management plans and monitoring their correct implementation.

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