• Client

    Secretaría de Infraestructura y Política Hídrica del Ministerio de Obras Públicas

  • Country


  • Location

    Santiago del Estero Province

  • Area

    Water Management

  • Year

    2022 - 2026

Type of Work: Technical and environmental inspection. Review of the Executive Project and Detail Engineering.

The Work consists of: Home collector networks and Main collectors: 131,265 m of PVC-RCPD pipes of 160, 200, 315, 355, 400, 500 and 630 mm will be laid; Elevating station for sewage liquids and drive pipe. The EELC is a cylindrical tank of ø 6 m and 10 m deep; 3 electric pumps of 30 kW each, ductile iron pipe that connects to a manifold, valves, gate and bars.

Sewage treatment plant: with pretreatment to reduce solids in suspension, consisting of an arrival chamber, a channel of approx., bars to stop coarse material, a sand trap to retain inorganic solids, a degreaser, a spillway, a Parshall gutter and a distribution chamber for flows to lagoons.

Stabilization ponds: anaerobic, facultative, maturation ponds.

Disposal of treated liquids in the receiving body: the final discharge of the treated effluent will serve to irrigate inedible forest species located on the property, if there are surpluses to a drainage channel that carries the water to the Salado River.