• Client

    Unidad Coordinadora de Programas con Financiación Externa (U.C.P.F.E.) – Proyecto de Infraestructura Hídrica del Norte Grande

  • Country


  • Location

    Pcia. de Chaco

  • Area

    Water Management

  • Year


Type of Work: Project Review and Construction Supervision. 

The purpose of the work is to satisfy the demand for drinking water in a large area in the north of the Province of Chaco called “El Impenetrable”. The works to be carried out are: – Capture in the Bermejo River by means of a floating pontoon in the Pintado; – Raw water conduction until pre-treatment 90 m pipe A ° Ø 500 mm; – Aqueduct of pre-sedimentation water to Wichí HDPE D. 500 mm, length 7,713 m; – Elevator Station to the treatment plant in Wichí and to the Nueva Pompeya Mission, pumping capacity: 0.77 m³ / sec; – Treatment plant with slow filters in Wichí to supply Wichi and El Sauzal and complementary works. The hydroelectromechanical work has 13,500 m³ of concrete. The work includes reviewing the Contractor’s socio-environmental Management Plan and monitoring its implementation.