• Client

    REGIDESO - Régie de Distribution d'Eau

  • Country

    Democratic Republic of the Congo (Ex Zaire)

  • Location

    Several locations

  • Area

    Water Management

  • Year


Type of work: Preliminary projects, executive projects and studies of sources for the provision of drinking water and electricity. 

Campaign work: general surveys; population surveys. Hydrological studies including drilling, pumping tests; Topographic surveys, chemical and bacteriological analyzes with our own equipment in the localities of Lodja, Lomela, Kole, Katako – Kombe, Basoko, Opala, Ubundu, Djolu, Ikela, Bokungu, Lubutu, Punia. Preliminary projects for drinking water supply systems: pumping of underground water in 11 of the 12 localities (in the 12th intake in a river); Treatment plants; drinking water storage and distribution facilities. Preliminary draft of electrical energy production and distribution systems and public lighting. Preliminary draft of administrative offices and houses for staff rooms. Executive projects and specifications for the call for bids for the works.