• Client

    Ministerio de Desarrollo Urbano y Transporte - Subsecretaría de Obras - Dirección General de Obras de Infraestructura Urbana (DGOINFU)

  • Country


  • Location

    City of Buenos Aires

  • Area

    Water Management - BIM - Urban Development

  • Year


Type of Work: Field studies (Topography and Geotechnics); Infrastructure Executive Projects; Bid Documentation; Computation and Budget.

– BIM modeling with LOD 300 scope of drinking water, sewage, rainwater, electricity and gas networks and complementary structures to the infrastructure.

– 3D coordination and interference analysis.

Executive project and computation for the subsequent tender for the execution of the laying of service infrastructures (Water-Sewage-Gas-Electricity-Rainwater), considering a system of galleries under public roads that allow maintenance and avoid subsequent breakages and the traditional system in ditch. Design population 33,474 inhabitants.